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What "WritersandEbooks" is all about. Book Submission

It is the online bookshop of FC Productions, a specialist low volume book printer with an enviable reputation for innovation, quality, fast turnaround and integrity. FC Productions is not your ordinary printer. The company started life as a high-end professional photo laboratory, changing with technology to a graphic design and prepress house. So right away, you can see that we view all jobs with a critical designer's (and professional photographer's) eye.

Furthermore, the owners of FC Productions also operate a software company. This means that the printing business is run by people who are very computer-savvy and, combining that with the graphic design background, it is hardly any wonder that the standard of work coming from this digital press is of the highest order.

Our computer and web expertise have ensured that our websites enjoy first page ranking with search engines especially Google. For instance, FC Productions has enjoyed No.1 spot for much of the past three years in a global search for our niche – low volume printing, resulting in a healthy growth in our business and a real boost to our branding.

Articles posted on our blog server achieved first page ranking only a week after the launch of the site.

What does it all mean to you?

  • It means that we have the know-how in search engine optimisation to give WritersandEbooks.com a real advantage on the Web.
  • The bookshop's special niche: Self published books only.
  • You get "shelf space" in this bookshop effortlessly and without any cash outlay. Of course, we do offer other services at very, very attractive rates as well as plenty of experience freely shared.
  • No big investment in book printing required, not to mention saving on garage space by not having to store boxes of books which will probably take ages to sell.
  • You get exposure by way of your personal Web page created and hosted free on our main website (separate from the bookshop). As your static web page actually forms part of our website, better indexation of your page by search engines is assured.

How it works.

You decide whether you wish to sell ebook version only, paperbacks only or both.

(a) eBook only

While our eBooks are offered in pdf only, we do re-size to suit different devices at extra one-off fee.

We will include other file formats upon request. There will be additional charge only if we are asked to make the conversion.

For pdf file, do not send us the highest resolution file. Create your pdf file for standard viewing only.

You decide on the selling price. For each sale, the revenue split is 65:35 in your favour after deducting 65% of Paypal's cost (currently 2.5% plus 30 cents).

(b) Paperback

You email us the specifications of your book from which we will determine our very special price for your print on demand book. You add whatever mark up you wish to arrive at your selling price.

You then send us the high resolution print ready pdf file. Cover in a separate file.

We will generally print 2-4 copies to hold as stock for every title entrusted to us. You pay nothing. We handle all storage, packing and running to the post office. Our holding a small stock of your book is to ensure rapid dispatch of books. While other online shops quote 1-2 weeks for delivery, we try to ensure immediate delivery. This is in keeping with FC Productions' philosophy of staying one step ahead of the competition and always offering the very best service.

Why should you sell through WritersandEbooks.com?

Well, why not?

This is simply another channel you should use to increase your book sales, and it's free and hassle-free. We demand no exclusivity and you may withdraw your books from us at any time. We only reserve the right to refuse to accept any books at our sole discretion.

We take care of all the marketing, stocking and handling costs. These are substantial costs! Remember, since we do not charge any up-front fees we go hungry if books don't sell.

We do not guarantee that your books will sell, but having them hosted with us will certainly increase their chances.

WritersandEbooks.com is devoted to promoting self-publishers and their books and is backed by a company with a record of supporting creativity.

You do the creative stuff, we do the rest.

Book Submission