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This site is part of the highly regarded FC Productions organisation whose owners have a record of supporting or sponsoring artists, writers and songwriters and it promises to be of real benefit to both readers and writers alike.

Writers and self publishers do not have to gamble on printing large quantities – in fact they do not have to hold stock at all! We print on demand and handle the delivery. No cash outlay and no fee to pay. We can do this because we are a high-end digital printer with specialisation in low volume book production – and a passion for the printed word does help. The site's emphasis however, is on the marketing and efficient delivery of ebooks.

Click here for Message to self-publishing authors – explains how the system works.

For the customer, this means lower prices for printed books. You get books directly from the press – no middleman! For ebooks, well, writers will get the lion's share of proceeds. That's only fair isn't it?


Seeing that we are manned by the same crew as FC Productions, our ethics and performance must surely be identical.

Therefore we present here a couple of quotes taken from FC Productions' site. Read more at www.fcproductions.com.au/testimonials.html.

"Just writing to say a really big THANK YOU for all your hard work with getting out our two books! You guys were amazing! You really helped and were consistent with all the checking and we really appreciate all the hard effort you put in. Everyone is over the moon with the result! As I have mentioned we will be having another run of the books (hopefully when we see how the launch goes) and we would love to have you print them. And this time we promise no time pressure!"

Caroline Moss

"I have finally seen the final product of the report you printed out for us. I just wanted to let you and everyone at FC Productions know that both I and the client think it looks FANTASTIC and that we really appreciate the terrific job you've done for us.
I hope to have an opportunity to work with you again in the future."

Ellen Geraghty
Managing Editor
CLARITY Editorial and Proofreading Services