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Closing Writers and Ebooks


It is with sadness that I have to close this online bookshop which was really something I did out of my love of the written word. Although it never made a profit and took a great deal of my time, I kept it going because I had a great woman who also had the drive and energy to support writers in their effort to publish their works. Many would otherwise not have seen their work in print.

We attended book launches and contributed in free printing of posters and flyers as well as buying their books (for signing). We enjoyed the events and the friendships forged. We really did enjoy running Writers and Ebooks.

All changed when she succumbed to her lymphoma in February 2016. I always thought of myself as an emotionally tough guy but the reality of her loss really knocked the stuffing out of me. We have no children and the sudden emptiness in the apartment .....

Francis and Rebecca

She was the organised one, the professional one and the most charming one. I was the creative and chaotic one. Oh, we made a great pair — totally complementing each other.

To make matters worse for me, we had a major fire 5 months later that totally destroyed our production area.

Two years on, I am now on the comeback trail — coming close to my old performance level. I have a mountain to climb but handicapped by not having the support of wonderful Rebecca.

Thank you writers, customers and friends for your support and patience; and for journeying with us.