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Vladimir Nicolas


Born September 2, 1979 in Cap-Haitien (Haiti), Vladimir Nicolas came to Canada following the death of his mother Ruth Louis. Having done most of his studies in Montreal, it was only after his admission to college André-Laurendeau he discovered his passion for literature by joining the Vox Populi, the College student newspaper. Writing both in French and English languages, Vladimir has been writing his first novels and short stories since 2010. Besides his writing activity, the author is working on drawings for an upcoming English language children's book.

Miaomiao the cat.

The author worked from January to September 2011 for the free Metro newspapers as a paperboy at subway stations in Montreal at the De l´ Eglise, Verdun and Jolicoeur subway stations. Drawing from that experience he wrote the collection of poems which forms this book titled "Camelots des Cités d'Or".

Released on 15 October 2011, "Camelots des Cités d'or" is written with sensitivity and humor, the author doesn't forget to take a stand for the poor and the homeless in the modern society. The city of gold is able to produce affluence but a society devoid of sharing values, He highlights the hypocrisy of that society stealing the people's dreams of wealth, love and sharing to undermine our future.

Islands of Orphans.
Loving Panda.

"Violence of Gold
Hated of all crimes, the crimes of the Cities of Gold were more abominable.
More hypocritical, because the violence was not to share our prosperity.
To survive, people goodness surrendered to the society and its cruelty.
Vanquished by life, many people have come to believe in the existence of the Devil.

In the Cities of Gold, quoted democratic or autocratic lands, hypocrisy reigned.
Everywhere, deceiving the voters, as the elected leader heading for friends.
Before the advent of the true democracy as people power, its enemies were not
exotic nations, but in our yard where lived the discourtesy elected officials;
We endure with their lying and fatalistic discourses, written without poetry."

Link to his book in store: Camelots des Cités d'or.

email: vladland@yahoo.fr