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Valerie Pybus
author, actor, presenter.

Valerie Pybus

Valerie is an accomplished actor and singer and speaks at many venues. Church organization, View Clubs, Rotary, Probus, Seniors, Wellbeing Groups, Spoon Collecting Clubs, Twin Clubs, and Trefoil Groups, sharing nostalgia, whimsy and humour. She is also qualified to demonstrate and interact with her audiences using Auslan (Australian sign language for the Deaf).

A Roller-coaster ride would aptly describe Valerie's life from its very inception. Born in a modest terrace house in working class London, she was exposed to, the shortages and the difficulties of the post war years but at the same time to the excitement, the spirit, the social bonding and the times of elation during those years. From an early age she travelled around the UK as her family moved constantly due to her father's Royal Naval postings.

A scholarship to a selective girls' school exposed Valerie early to the good and bad sides of the British class system but her real challenges arose after family circumstances forced her to leave school the day after her 15th birthday. As a Five Pound Pom she travelled to Australia and endured the worst hardships but laid the groundwork for her later success.

Valerie is now the sum of those early, formative years, with an acting career spanning 25 years and covering multiple roles on stage and screen. To achieve this, she studied at The Actor's Studio in Melbourne, the Sydney Acting Academy and Advanced Techniques and the Contemporary Shakespeare Co. in Melbourne.

As a singer, Valerie has sung with the Beethoven Society in Sydney, Malta and Beijing and has sung for 10 years as a member of Rockdale Opera Company.

As a writer, Valerie Holds a Diploma of Professional Children's Writing (ACJ) Australian College of Journalism, is Past President of The Society of Women Writers NSW. Inc. and Past President of Fellowship of Australian Writers, Manly and Peninsula Regional. Valerie is a holder of multiple awards for Poetry and Short Stories

Valerie's books show testimony of her life experiences combined with her innate desire to help others:

Previously published Books. PAUSE A MOMENT. Poetry Book. A SCORE AND MORE. Poetry and Short Stories.

The current book THE CLAMOUR OF SILENCE is dedicated to raise funds for RIDBC (Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind children.

Link to her book in store: The Clamour of Silence.

email: valeriepybus@gmail.com