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Tony Stevens

Sorry, there is no information supplied by Tony but I simply cannot allow his Web page to remain blank especially as he is such an inspiration.

I have had the privilege of getting to know him through my company doing the printing of his book and would like to share with you just a little about him as I am sure he would not want me to say too much.

He is a very modest man aged eighty something and, although still very active in pursuit of his lifelong campaign for a better deal for children handicapped by disabilities, he prefers not to draw attention to himself.

At his age, when most of us will have difficulty playing lawn bowls, he still goes on protest marches carrying a placard, his walking stick and a rucksack. He travels by public transport from his beloved suburb of Bankstown (close to Sydney's second airport) all the way to the State Parliament located in the CBD to make his stand. Meeting him, you cannot but admire his tremendous drive, passion and energy. Here is a driven man.

In the little time spent with him, I have been enriched absorbing his wisdom and hearing first-hand his background and his journey through an interesting life.

His 390-page book "The Last Gamble and The Years Between" is a heavy read but is engrossing and chronicles the events he endured fighting the all too common reality of greed and weak governments on behalf of the politically insignificant handicapped children.

All men are born equal? "You are no longer equal if you are born with a disability."

Francis Chuah
Director, FC Productions
Writers and eBooks

Link to his book in store: The Last Gamble & The Years Between.