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Stuart Pickering

Stuart Pickering

Stuart Pickering is specially interested in applying aspects of the history of ideas, and in particular of the ancient Greek philosophical tradition, to addressing modern global challenges. In his university studies he focused on ancient Greek and Latin language and literature, ancient and modern history, and the decipherment and interpretation of Greek and Latin papyri; he has a BA (Hons) from the University of Sydney and a PhD from Macquarie University.

He has undertaken research in the ancient documentation of beliefs and institutions, and in New Testament textual criticism. He has a wider interest in the history of ideas, and the need to identify ideas in the history of thought that can help to solve pressing world issues. In studying the Greek philosophical tradition, he has come to the view that the ideas of Epicurus (341-270 BC), though often overlooked and neglected, are of outstanding importance for developing a responsible and effective philosophy of life. He is pursuing this theme through essays which explore the practical relevance of Epicurean philosophy.

The first collection of essays is published under the title Epicurus for Everyone, available on this website. In the interests of free and open philosophical enquiry, he invites readers to discuss issues on the website www.philosophicalgarden.com.

Link to his book in store: Epicurus For Everyone.