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Sharon Hine

Sharon Hine was born and raised in a small country town of Bacchus Marsh, Victoria. She grew up with her family; her mother and father, a twin sister, two older brothers, an older sister, an adopted brother, cousins and several family pets. She has siblings up to 11 years older than her.

Everyone who entered the "Hine" household realised immediately how everyone was equal. There were no limits and no boundaries were placed on each other. Sharon learnt sport and horse riding at a young age and became an outdoors person. She spent 20 years living in her hometown. Her life was exceptional. She then moved to Cairns to raise a family.

As a child life was a constant adventure. The house was always buzzing with love, happiness and laughter. Surrounded by encouragement and support and lots of story-telling Sharon fell in love with the art. She would go play and have fun free to create stories and develop her imagination. At night time, the family would sit together and recounted adventures of the day. Sharon and her twin would set off each day with their trusted dog. They would often go out seeking an adventure, hunting, catching rabbits and fishing monstrous fishes. From these experiences Sharon learnt the art of creating and telling a tale. As an adult Sharon moved to Cairns to raise her daughters, Cloe and Samantha (Sam). These two beautiful women have been the inspiration to her writing and completing her first story, Fairiesville.

Fairiesville captures the magic of love and the bonds of friendship. Sharon has recreated friendships not only with mortals, but with animals and fairies. She completed the book in 2007 and has commenced the second book in this series. In her 48 years Sharon has fulfilled most of her dreams. She has had a privilege to compete at state level in sports. She has become a competent marlin fisherwoman. She enjoys photography and has one piece selected by The Cairns City Council for the 2009 photography exhibition "The Face of a Sister City". Her piece has travelled the world to the countries that participate in the sister city union. Sharon spends her free time creating fashion clothing, doing various crafts, creating mosaic artwork and loves writing for pleasure.

Link to her book: Fairiesville

email: fairiesville@live.com.au