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Originally hailing from the Parramatta district in NSW Australia, Rooster currently resides in Queensland's Gold Coast where he works as a Marina Manager. Christened Ian David Mayan as against his parent's first choice of David Ian Mayan (due to the fact that they were concerned the initials "D I M" might not be in his best interests as he journeyed through life)

Rooster, as he was named by his father, was from an early age always inclined to pen his thoughts and feelings in the form of rhymes. In early 2000, Rooster decided to take things to the next level and self publish his first book of rhymes / poems "THESE THINGS ARE SENT TO TRY US" which was in essence a light hearted collection of poems about those general day to day happenings that can tend to test the patience and resolve of just about everyone.

After receiving good feedback for his first effort he then self published "THE OTTO POT" where he chose to wear his heart on his sleeve and cover a much broader spectrum of topics. This mix of serious and humorous poems definitely seemed to hit the right note with his readers and was once again the recipe for his most recent publication "ROOSTER WORLD" which takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of emotion as Rooster grants access to a variety of personal feelings and occurrences throughout his life that have helped to shape him. The satisfaction he gains from compiling and completing each book along with the enjoyment that his readers seem to receive from his efforts will no doubt ensure that there are many more poems and books to come from Rooster Mayan in the future.

Link to his book in store: Rooster World.