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Paul England

Paul England

Paul England was born in England during the Great Depression. With his father out of work, like many men at that time, it was a struggle to feed a growing family. There was no Social Security in those days and I suppose you could say the England family was dirt poor. But we humans have a unique ability to remember only the good times. He has no recollection of ever being hungry or deprived of anything and looking back on those times he can remember happy incidents from the age of about three or four years old, but today can't remember where he put his glasses 10 seconds ago!

Life was not idyllic, but he was clothed and fed adequately, had many friends in similar circumstances to himself and attended school from the age of four.

During the war years of rationing, shortages, air raids and general discomfort, Paul has mostly happy memories. Long hot summers, when it was still light enough to read at 10 and 11pm because of double British Summer Time. Conker sploshing, aircraft spotting, train spotting and thoroughly enjoying the outdoors with friends still hold fond memories.. Saturdays were always spent working on the family allotment, hoeing, weeding and digging, collecting vegetables to feed the family.

His father was called up for the army, which left his mother distraught and worried about how she was going to clothe and feed 4 children on 10 shillings a week; which was all she was getting for the first few weeks.

Times were very hard for mothers with children in those early war years and Paul left school at 14 to help out. At age 17 he joined the Royal Navy and served during the 40s and 50s. On demob he worked in the TV and radio industry. Two years later he joined a multinational company in the electronics industry in Bedford UK. In 1974 he was transferred to Australia. During that time he started writing for radio. As computers became more accessible for the home user he wrote a series of 19 episodes that were broadcast in Sydney over a period of weeks, describing how the computer would affect our lives.

From then on he began writing regularly, articles and short stories, many of which were published or broadcast. After a stroke in 1981 he retired and eventually moved out of Sydney to the South Coast of NSW. By that time he had started to collect grandchildren and writing for them gave an added pleasure to an already enjoyable pastime. In 2000 he achieved a burning ambition, he built his own home on a large plot of land where he lives today, still writing. Many of his books are available as Kindle Books, including:

  • Tunguska, the story of an inexplicable event in Siberia that sent shock waves around the world on a June morning in 1908. Many scientists and others have tried unsuccessfully to explain how an object from the sky could cause such devastation. Tunguska is Paul's version of this cataclysmic event.
  • Voyage of a Lifetime, is the true account of a voyage in an old fishing boat from England to Australia, made by a family with no knowledge of the sea or navigation, as told to Paul by the family.
  • The Punishment, is an anthology of some of Paul's short stories.

Knights of Bonalla, available in hard copy and Ebook, is a series of books written around the lives of two young boys who have been taken aboard a UFO. Their unique knowledge is gained from a book given to them by a crew-member, with the means to read and understand it. Their consequent adventures are exciting, humorous and sometimes life threatening.

Zoom One and Commando are the first two books in the series followed by Frogger.

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