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A sudden urge to learn to surf – like a magnet I was working holidays and weekends around fitting a surf in, just a few waves and for the week – life could throw anything my way and I would be ok. Clears the mind, teaches you to be in the moment. It also saved my life, if it wasn't for surfing I would not be here today.

I didn't want to miss a moment and it gave me that "something" to hold on to and to reach out for and even at my worst it took me "forever" to get to the water, that walk across the sand, once in the water, the goodness and the benefits, the movement and more will be disclosed soon .... it helped in more ways than anyone could know.

Benefits of the ocean and other things recently have pulled me through some health issues that "there was nothing they could do".

Armed with a "never give up attitude" and with the possibility of not being able to surf, it gave me that something to fight and work towards and uncovered answers for relief and some other medical mysteries that no one has answers for I sit there with tears and want to reach out and let those who want it know - help is on it's way!

My attitude is there is always something you can do.

Tried and tested many things which lead me to traditional, natural and became a little creative, uncovered ways to fix things with my own system, there are ways that I have overcome things that I was determined to reclaim my health.

Life is all about now - overcoming - letting go means freedom.

Between The Sets

Trying to capture the stoke and explaining to those who don't surf, collecting surfing stories, mentioning my situation to a few - people were sharing stories of counteracting MS and other conditions through doing what they love.

Chasing a surfing story from our wonderful Bondi Rescue Life Guards, I shared the Organic Sting Relief - X-Sting-Wish® and Organic Soothe & Moisten - Kymeze Product Range. It pains me to see anyone suffer and to be able to help where I can - really gives me a lift. I have had the pleasure in working with some Life Guards and keeping major beaches stocked to those in need can benefit by it.

The names say it all - these were created out of necessity.

A sudden and temporary hyper allergic condition left me unable to do things most would and to over come this had to leave no stone unturned, turning to nature, for me there was no choice. I nearly had to live in the ocean.

For me now sharing my knowledge and helping where I can.

When I needed it there was no where to go, creating this for others to find some relief from these natural ways and have a choice and have the people who are passionate about helping them. I have met some incredible people on my journey who I need to give back to.

Life is all about learning and sharing our experiences so if there is something no one has gone through - the path has already been made and we are leading the way in helping you help yourself.

Proceeds from Product Range and the books being a "Novel Way of Raising Funds" a self funded venture, everyone who purchases them is a part of making it happen.

If you know of someone who has a condition, when you have been everywhere else looking for answers, you might just find what you are looking for with something that helped me?

Who is Kymie?
Everyone's best friend, quiet, giving, fun loving and sharing most of everything to all situations lead to :-

  • Award Winning Artist - 3D PaperTole Pictures - People's Choise Award.
  • Pride of Workman Ship Award./li>
  • Favorite Product Range - specially for hyper sensitive skins.

Between The Sets is first in a series of novels, collection of short stories for an entertaining read and value for money for self funding ventures to help in all the areas that currently are not being taken care of.

This could happen to anyone – it is not until you are there that you are aware of what needs to be done to bridge the gap.

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