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Kathryn Collis

Kathryn Collis

Kathryn's working background includes 19 years in banking and 19 years in librarianship, 9 of which were spent in management positions. She had a brief stint working in insurance (customer service) and at one time also edited a country newspaper. Trying to make "Mrs wins street stall raffle" look like front page news was certainly a challenge!

Kathryn has tertiary library and management qualifications.

Since she was a child, Kathryn has enjoyed making up stories, although it is only in recent years that she has managed to write some of them down. The best thing about story-telling, is that, contrary to real life, all the characters involved do exactly as we, the author, want them to.

Kathryn has previously compiled a history of Caboolture, Queensland, in the 1970s. The website can be found at www.caboolture history-70s.net.au

She lives on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

Link to her book in store: Siblings.

email: kathrynmcollis@yahoo.com.au