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Irena Votavova


Irena was born in the Czech Republic. She completed her Honors Degree in Economics in Prague and later on a Post-graduate Diploma in teaching. In her native country, she worked as a teacher in a College of Economics. In November 1983, she and her two small daughters migrated to Australia and settled in Melbourne.

Till 1996, she taught Business Studies at TAFE, first in Collingwood College and then in their Box Hill Institute. Life after teaching saw her operating a successful boutique cheese factory in the Melbourne suburb of Dandenong which she sold after nine years to spend time with her daughters, one living in Singapore with her husband and two children and the other in Cairns with whom she now spends most of her time.

In her retirement she started pursuing her artistic ambitions – painting (she is a member of Cairns Art Society) and writing children's books. She has written and illustrated her first three books of short, real-life stories for children under the pen name Mrs V.

"My grandchildren always asked me to tell them my "funny stories". And because they loved them so much, I self-published them in Office Works and the children got them last year as a Christmas present. It was a great success."

This year Irena decided to publish her stories for other children as well, with WritersandeBooks. The three-book series is called Children of Three Generations. Book 1 contains stories from her own childhood – Even Grandma was a little girl once. In Book 2 are stories from her daughters' childhood – When my girls were little girls. Both books are set in the Czech Republic. Book 3 contains stories from Australia – Australian adventures. Each story has a somehow humorous twist and are suitable for children of ages 4-10 years.

"Even Grandma Was A Little Girl Once"
"When My Girls Were Little Girls"
"Australian Adventures"

Link to her book in store: Even Grandma Was A Little Girl Once.