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Hazel Menehira – FTCL. LTCL. ANZDA.

A Fellow of Trinity College, London, Hazel Menehira is an internationally recognized speech and drama teacher, writer, examiner and adjudicator.

A member of both the New Zealand Society of Authors, and A.S.A. Hazel's writing background includes 45 years in journalism, teaching and educational text books, as well as creative fiction-short stories and poetry.

Her books include:

  • Fingertips – Oral resource books 1,2,3.
  • Snowbird Collectables – poetry and short stories.
  • Three Dramatic Decades – Four Seasons Professional Theatre, 1970-2000 ; commissioned non-fiction.
  • Vocal Enrichment – Enlightenment Through Voice.
  • The Seer Stone – historical novel.
  • Beguiled – poetry collection.
  • Kowhai Park-community success story – commissioned
  • Hot Poems for Kool Kids
  • Nothing as Posh as a Memoir and its sequel
  • Blast Off – co-authored with Hank West.

Link to her book: Nothing as Posh as a Memoir

email: hzlmango@bigpond.com