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Elvan Tong

Elvan Tong

The author, Elvan Tong, is the Principal of Benbon Business Improvement (BBI), the trading name of Benbon International Pty Ltd, the company he founded in 1998. BBI is a business consultancy and training firm that services small to medium size enterprises, including home-based businesses.

Born in Malaysia, Elvan became an Aussie citizen in 1971. An Economics graduate from Sydney University, his long corporate career covered mainly the Australian business environment. He held various managerial positions in marketing, product management, marketing research, planning and business analysis.

He has distilled his many years' working, consulting and teaching experience into a series of very compact and highly effective workbooks. These include:

  • Continuous Business Improvement Planning – for identifying critical elements for continuous improvement in a business;
  • Sales and Marketing Excellence Planning – for producing information to take a business to new heights;
  • New Business Success Planning – a 3-in-1 process to set up, manage and grow a new business;
  • Marketing Research – to find answers to business problems and what customers want;
  • Competitor Analysis – for analysing competitive activities to gain advantage;
  • New Production Evaluation and Introduction – to achieve low-risk, high-success new product or service introductions.

In 2004 he also wrote a textbook entitled "Understanding Marketing Research" published by Pearson Education Australia for TAFE students in marketing.

Elvan Tong Lecture

While writing these materials he developed two new concepts and an innovative methodology to make things easier for both business clients and his consulting work. In offering his three handbooks on the WAE store, Elvan would like to convince you of a paradigm shift by using these concepts and methodology

Firstly, he developed the concept of continuous business improvement planning. This is a step beyond business planning and you only need to go through the process once.

What is continuous business improvement?

In simple terms:

"Continuous" means ongoing and not a one-off solution or improvement in the business. This is achieved by addressing priority issues one at a time.

"Business" means the whole business rather than part or parts of it.

"Improvement" means improvement in all areas of the business, not just in sales and profit but also in product competiveness, marketing, sales force, customer service, human resources, production, lead generation, distribution, competitive advantage, operations, financial management, resource utilisation and more.

Each time you improve your business its value goes up, while sales, profit, business efficiency, performance, competency, and so on reach successive new heights.

Secondly, he developed the 3-in-1 concept of setting up, managing and growing a new business. Again, you only need to go through the planning process once.

Thirdly, he developed an innovative Workshop-in-a-BookŪ methodology that is the key to making the continuous business improvement and 3-in-1 concepts work.

3 books

What is the Workshop-in-a-BookŪ methodology?

All three handbooks use the Workshop-in-a- Book® methodology that only requires you to go through the planning process only once. It simulates a workshop seminar situation without you being actually there. It is fail-safe, leading you from beginning to end, with guides and examples and in logical sequence, guaranteed to produce valuable information about your existing or new business.

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