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Djordjo Suvajlo

Djordjo Suvajlo

"Everyone is born to die,
honour and disgrace live forever."    Peter Petrovich Njegosh

Djordjo was born on 6 May 1960, a feast day of Saint George as celebrated by the Serbian Orthodox Church. He was born in Bosnia & Herzegovina, a state in former Yugoslavia, and obtained a degree in Commerce from the University of Sarajevo. Djordjo worked in the field of commerce until the breakout of the civil war in Bosnia & Herzegovina in 1992. He married his wife in 1986 and they have two daughters.

At the very beginning of the war, he was taken as a civilian and imprisoned by Bosnian Muslims in a concentration camp called "Silos" in his hometown Tarcin. He was held in Silos for 1335 days until the end of the war in 1996.

Despite constant physical and psychological torture, he survived.

After his release, Djordjo was reunited with his family and together they immigrated to Australia. He arrived to Australia with $120, which was given to him by the UN for travelling expenses.

Djordjo and his family settled into the Australian way of life quickly and were accepted with kindness by the Australian people. His greatest satisfaction came from his daughters graduating from university.

In a bid to inform the public of the truth about the civil war and his experiences, Djordjo became an active member of the charity organisation, The Association of Camp Inmates of Republic of Srpska, branch of NSW. He has been an active member since 2005.

"1335 Days" is Djordjo's first book, written in the hope of encouraging other concentration camp survivors to document their experiences so that such evils are not committed again

The book is a shocking recount of the torturous days he spent in the concentration camp Silos and the total collapse of humanity. It also details Djordjo's miraculous survival. The book was originally written in Serbian, but its English translation is forthcoming.

Djordjo is currently in the process of obtaining material for his second book.

"One should start any task earlier in order to finish it right away."   Djordjo

Link to his book in store: 1335 Days.

email: silos9296@hotmail.com