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David Curtis

David Curtis

David Curtis
Ecologist, artist, musician

David's career has careered from botany to comic book writing, from ecology to art, and from science to sociology. He has worked variously as a plant collector, ecological and sociological researcher, environmental educator, community facilitator, manager, senior policy officer and university lecturer. From tick-infested lantana to dieback-blighted farmscapes he has applied his ecological knowledge to attempt to reduce the human impact on our natural environment.

For over 20 years he worked in northern NSW, first conducting pioneering research at the University of New England into eucalypt re-establishment where dieback was prevalent, through natural regeneration, direct seeding and tree planting. He formed and coordinated the Armidale Tree Group, which has been responsible for the planting of millions of native trees on farms over the last three decades. He also was Regional Manager for Greening Australia for 10 years, and through this organisation developed projects in community education, revegetation, farm forestry, conservation on farms and property planning. He coordinated the Armidale Environment Coalition, which worked with Armidale City Council to improve sustainability in the urban area, with regards to transport, energy, biodiversity, pollution and waste.

He worked with Greening Australia in the national office in Canberra for two years developing climate change projects before initiating an innovative 5-year research project at the Institute of Rural Futures into the role of the visual and performing arts in shaping environmental behaviour. This trans-disciplinary research drew on the disciplines of environmental education, sustainability, sociology and the arts. He found that the arts could significantly affect environmental behaviour through aiding in the communication of environmental information, creating empathy for the natural environment, and catalysing ecological sustainability.

He has written extensively on sustainability, the arts and environmental behaviour, and urban, regional and rural environmental issues (including energy, greenhouse, revegetation, biodiversity, soil salinity, farm planning, dieback, conservation, and sustainable agriculture). He has presented papers and presentations at many national and international conferences on the environment, sociology, environmental education, and the arts.

He has been responsible for organising several major multi-arts events, some of which have had audiences of many thousand people and participation of hundreds. In addition he has commissioned several visual and performing arts pieces. More recently he founded the organisation Ecoarts Australis and is its current president.

Link to his book in store: Dazed by Dieback.