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Brian Nicholls

Brian Nicholls

Brian Nicholls left school at fifteen and began his working life spoking wheels in a bicycle shop. In 1960 he sailed for England where he worked in London as an advertising writer. He travelled in Europe and journeyed overland alone for twelve months back to Australia through Afghanistan, Kashmir, India and South-east Asia. He worked in the Outback as a driller and truck driver and then returned to London to study for three years at The London School of Film Technique.

He became a film editor concentrating mainly on BBC productions and then returned to Australia and worked for twenty-two years as an editor, writer, producer and director for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. He worked on numerous iconic television programmes including the natural history series In the Wild with Harry Butler, the motoring programme Torque, the religious series Encounters, arts programmes, social history documentaries, travel and adventure series including The Flying Vet, The Blue Revolution and the science series Quantum.

Brian Nicholls is the author of the critically acclaimed memoirs A Saucepan in the Sky and Wanderlust.

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