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Billy Stenhouse

Billy Stenhouse

Billy Stenhouse was born in the Scottish village of Loanhead near Edinburgh where he confesses to having thoroughly enjoyed his childhood in a place which had much to offer its locals in terms of community spirit, lifestyle and post school opportunities in coal mining, construction or engineering.

Billy was a noted and gifted footballer in his youth but turned down an early opportunity to join a professional club and found only a handful of subsequent opportunities although he eventually signed as a professional in 1984 with a local Junior side. He enjoyed nine more seasons in the semi professional ranks.

Ten years after leaving school Billy married and migrated to Australia and his interests today are Modern History and Junior Football Development on The Sunshine Coast north of Brisbane.

Billy has a degree in Adult & Vocational Education and has worked in Prisoner Education since the early 1990s.

His first book Starboard Out Starboard Home chronicles Scottish History from the early 20th Century until the late 1980s and tackles (amongst other topics) - Scottish Football, Class Division, Poverty and Thatcherism.

Link to his book in store: Starboard Out Starboard Home.