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Ann Brown

Ann Brown

Ann was born on a remote island in Papua New Guinea, where her father worked as a government schooner master. Her family moved to Sydney, Australia when she was nine months old. She studied pharmacy at Sydney University and met her South African husband, Derek, when on a working holiday in London. They married in Australia and planned to move to South Africa and work in their respective professions.

God then stepped in and changed the course of their lives forever. They joined a missionary society and were posted to a remote mission hospital in the north-eastern Zululand South Africa at the height of the apartheid era in South Africa. They learned Zulu and ministered on Sundays at two very isolated African churches many hours' drive from the hospital. In addition to her work in the pharmacy, X-ray and laboratory, Ann headed up an adult Zulu literacy training school with an African colleague. She continued this work with the African churches further south before moving into a language and culture training, church planting, English teaching and hospitality ministry in several South African cities. Eventually she and Derek were seconded to a church in southern Johannesburg in a suburb of mainly upwardly mobile black people.

Ann's special interest was using drama as a teaching tool, encouraging black young people educationally and spiritually as well as facilitating new expatriate workers in their language and culture learning. Since returning to Australia, she has continued her English teaching mainly with Asians.

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