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Anne Field


Anne Field grew up in Newcastle, Australia and then moved to Sydney, in late 1971, to undertake her studies at Macquarie University, North Ryde, Sydney. She later completed a Diploma of Urban Studies at Macquarie University. Anne trained to be a secondary teacher specialising in Geography, Commerce and Legal Studies. She taught at Figtree High School in Wollongong during 1976, and then at St George Girls High School in Kogarah, Sydney from 1977-2011.

Anne has had an extensive involvement over 30 years in the local community. During 1985-1988, Anne served as a member of the St George Hospital Board (1985-1988).She served as a Councillor on Rockdale City Council (1991-1999) and then Kogarah City Council (1999-2008).


It was whilst Anne was a teacher that she developed her writing skills. In her role as a Councillor, she further improved her writing skills. Anne wrote her own speeches for Council debate, community presentations and press releases. She also wrote many Letters to the Editor of various newspapers.


Anne joined Kogarah Historical Society in the mid 1980's. She joined St George Historical Society .in the 1990's and has maintained a strong interest in our local history and heritage over many years. In 2012-2013, she led the local community's campaign to save a significant building, Griffith House, St George Hospital campus.

In April 2012, she honoured her Scottish Grannie's journey to Australia in 1912. Anne placed her Grannie's history into a bottle and then threw in into the Southern Ocean, south of West Cape Howe in Western Australia. This event took place 100 years to the day that her Grannie sailed by. This story features on YouTube as "Anne's Adventure", and will become a future electronic book.


Anne has owned Cavalier King Charles Spaniels since 2001 . She plans to make one of her dogs the subject of her next book :"The Adventures of Miss Hoity Toity and Lizzie".

She has travelled widely throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Europe as well as visiting the USA and Fiji .Her book , "The Diary of an Adventurous Australian Overseas Traveller" was published on Amazon in May 2015.

Anne enjoys ballet, music, theatre, family history, horse racing, football and swimming.

Link to her book: The History of Moorefield Racecourse.