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...where writers get a fair deal

We print the books we sell.

This site is part of the highly regarded FC Productions organisation whose owners have a record of supporting or sponsoring artists, writers and songwriters and it promises to be of real benefit to both readers and writers alike.

Writers and self publishers do not have to gamble on printing large quantities – in fact they do not have to hold stock at all! We print on demand and handle the delivery. No cash outlay and no fee to pay. We can do this because we are a high-end digital printer with specialisation in low volume book production – and a passion for the printed word does help. The site's emphasis however, is on the marketing and efficient delivery of ebooks.

Click here for Message to self-publishing authors – explains how the system works.

For the customer, this means lower prices for printed books. You get books directly from the press – no middleman! For ebooks, well, writers will get the lion's share of proceeds. That's only fair isn't it?

Welcome to a refreshing online bookstore.

A totally fresh attitude towards writers, books and eBooks.

The online bookshop where the spotlight shines on the authors. While other shops are simply selling books, we feel that their authors are somewhat important too. Besides, the authors' backgrounds, the brief snippets of their journeys make interesting reading.

We also want to make sure that the site is more user friendly than most and that books are easy to find. We will not be pushing "Best Sellers" but instead giving prominence to new releases and encouragement especially to first-time writers. What better encouragement can we give than getting them sales! We don't work to an industry formula. Here, you will find only fresh faces, fresh ideas, brand new stories, poems and more.


That's what this site's about – making it painless for writers (maybe you!) to strut their stuff and tell their stories. Writers don't merely get "shelf space" they get a helping hand in layout advice and in preparation of files for conversion to ebooks – after all that's what we are very good at.

As with all good websites, this is a constant work-in-progress. The people behind this project, FC Productions, are not newcomers to the Internet scene having had a Web presence since 1997 promoting the Arts. Furthermore, as specialist book printers, we have been in close touch with writers working on their wide range of projects and this online bookstore seems a very natural path for us to take.

Good writers need a better way to get their books on to the market than what's currently available to them. Here, writers get a fair deal with zero-cost entry resulting in readers getting a completely new pool of books which would otherwise not have existed.

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